Aluminum vs. Steel Patio Furniture

Summertime is quickly approaching. With the warm temperatures and sunlight, many homeowners are looking for outdoor patio furniture they can use to enjoy the season from the comfort of their backyard.  Metal is the most durable material for crafting outdoor furniture, and steel and aluminum are two of the metals used most often. In this […]

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What Is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is a process that creates structures or products by assembling, bending or cutting metal material. Ultimately, this process is value-added because it involves using metal to make durable objects. Metal fabricators usually work with various raw materials such as aluminum, steel, cast metal, expanded metal and sheet metal. In other words, metal fabrication […]

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2021 Steel Price Trends

Steel prices fluctuated greatly throughout 2020 because of multiple factors. Understanding the reasoning behind steel price fluctuations allows you to plan ahead based on pricing projections.  Last year’s unstable economy affected the steel industry significantly, and, with the effects of COVID-19, the steel industry is still recovering. Explore more steel industry insights below. Factors That […]

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Powder Coating Vs. Painting

Two of the most common options for putting a finishing coat on metal products are powder coating and liquid painting. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which means different things depending on the part you’re producing. Many industries rely on metal finishes, including aerospace, auto, appliances and more. Powder coating involves […]

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Supply Chain Management for the Manufacturing Industry

In the supply chain management for the manufacturing industry, two assets are crucial to the success of the operation — time and money. Though this may be an applicable statement for many other industries, as well, using your time and money wisely in the manufacturing industry is especially important. One mistake or setback can cost […]

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