How to Weld Thin Metals

Learn the proper methods of welding thin metals, which require more care and precision than other welding endeavors. These are PBZ Manufacturing’s best tips for welding thin metals.

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PBZ Manufacturing Acquires East Coast Fabricating

Our team at PBZ Manufacturing is proud to announce that we have recently acquired East Coast Fabricating! While we will continue to provide our usual contract manufacturing services, we are excited to offer some new capabilities to our repertoire in addition to the quality you’ve come to expect. New Capabilities We Will Offer With East […]

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How to Determine a Good Weld vs. Bad Weld

As a welding professional, it is essential to understand the characteristics of both a good and bad weld. We are breaking down the ways you can differentiate a good weld from a bad one and some of the typical causes for common defects.

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laser tube cutting

5 Ways to Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Navigating production costs and labor costs requires the right strategy to help you streamline your workflow, save money and optimize output quality. If you want to learn how to reduce manufacturing costs, keep some top industry recommendations in mind.

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