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Six Benefits of Manufacturing in the U.S.

Six Benefits of Manufacturing in the U.S.

Benefits of Manufacturing in the US

2018 was a banner year for manufacturing in the United States, with statistics confirming the industry’s best period of job growth in the last 30 years. There are many reasons to consider manufacturing in the U.S. vs. overseas, ranging from costs and quality to increased tariffs and a potential trade war with China.

If you’re anticipating what’s best for the future of your business, consider the following benefits of manufacturing in the U.S.:

1. Jobs for Your Fellow Citizens

Manufacturing goods domestically puts more Americans to work, creating a better way of life for friends, family and neighbors. This also results in a stronger infrastructure and stimulated economy as U.S. manufacturers pay U.S. taxes.


2. Increased Consumer Confidence

Products with the “Made in the U.S.A.” label are more desirable to consumers than those made overseas. People take pride in investing in domestic goods and will pay more from them. Knowing that a product is manufactured in the U.S. vs. China is a deciding factor for many Americans.


3. Lower Distribution Expenses

While labor may be far less costly in developing nations, you may experience additional expenses when you ship finished products from foreign locations. The benefits of manufacturing in the U.S. include reduced spending on inbound and outbound delivery and shipping, which can mean faster speed to market.


4. Environmental Sustainability

Shipping parts to foreign manufacturing or assembly centers is both costly and inefficient. The extra fuel and emissions from cargo aircraft, trains and freight vessels can cause damage to the environment. Keeping these processes close to home eliminates carbon emissions significantly. Statistics on manufacturing in the U.S. also show that consumers are increasingly swayed by whether or not a brand uses sustainable practices.


5. Elevated Quality and Accountability

Using U.S. labor and facilities means you are better positioned to keep tabs on manufacturing processes and hold partners and employees to high standards. In general, there are stricter laws in the United States governing everything from using the right materials to adhering to safe work practices.


6. Secure Intellectual Property

One particular benefit of manufacturing in the U.S. vs. China is the security of your IP. Working with domestic partners ensures there is clarity and mutual understanding around your IP rights. You also have greater control over sharing and storing intellectual property, both physically and digitally, with standards in place for keeping it safe.


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