MIG & TIG Welding

We have a number of MIG and TIG welding stations and qualified welding personnel.

2d flat laser

2D Flat Laser

Mazak Optiplex capable of cutting up to 1″ mild steel, 1/2″ stainless steel and 3/8″ aluminum.

robotic welding

Robotic Welding

Featuring a Motoman 6 axis robot that offers precision and consistency when repeated welds across multiple pieces is required.

3d structural laser

3D Structural Laser

PBZ LLC utilizes innovative 3D laser cutting equipment to efficiently cut to accurate and precise tolerances.

Precision machining

Precision Machining

When your project requires tight tolerance levels, PBZ offers precision machining to your specification.

press break

Press Brake

235 ton AccurPress Brake with CNC back gauge, 10′ bed and programmable CNC forming.

tube bender

Tube Bending

Horn Machine Tools CNC Tube Bender



3d CAD


PBZ LLC has the ability to take your CAD drawing and turn it into a finished product. We have experienced computer-aided draftsmen who utilize both 2D and 3D modeling software.

Powder Coating


We work closely with Keystone Koating for all of our finishing needs. Keystone Koating provides superior powder coating services that include surface preparation, pre-treatment using alkaline cleaner and iron phosphate, automatic conveyor lines for large runs and spray booths for small batch runs.



Whether it's to your facility or to your customer's, PBZ LLC has a variety of trucks to deliver what you need, when you need. It's all part of the full-service approach we offer you.