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Robotic Welding

When you need high-quality robotic welding, PBZ Manufacturing can help. Our team is prepared to assist your company with your manufacturing goals, whatever they may be. Trust our team to provide top-of-the-line robotic welding and manufacturing process services at our one-stop shop!

Services and Capabilities

We offer robotic welding services to help you get products made quickly and effectively. We use a 48-inch by 90-inch live table platform to create and assemble pieces up to 1000 pounds. This machine has an 80-inch arm that’s centrally located to provide as much coverage as possible. A flexible arm robot also ensures access to hard-to-reach areas.

Our machines also have a significant amount of memory storage. That means we can save any programs used for your projects for future use, saving time whenever you require our assistance next.

We offer advanced robotic welding capabilities, including stacked dime and weaving. Our team can adjust the weld appearance to fit your needs.

Advantages of Our Robotic Welding Services

Robotic welding offers many benefits to your manufacturing process. Some of the greatest advantages include:

  • Consistent, high-quality results: Robots work faster than humans because they don’t require breaks — and they maintain consistency on speed and other variables. They are also much less likely to make a mistake, resulting in less waste.
  • Lowered production costs: Fewer mistakes and less wasted material leads to lower production costs and less time spent creating a product. 
  • Easier process and creation: Robotic welding is much more efficient than manual processes. People don’t need to be involved outside of the programming, which saves time overall.

The benefits of working with PBZ Manufacturing for robotic welding are:

  • An experienced team: We have years of experience in our manufacturing capabilities, including robotic welding. Our welders are also certified, so you can trust us as a reliable partner.
  • Lowered product lead times: With multiple manufacturing abilities, we can reduce overall lead times for your projects while cutting costs. You’ll receive high-quality products faster and for less.
  • First-rate engineering and design: We create 3D CAD drawings using Solidworks to understand your project before we start fabrication and welding. Our team takes this extra step to ensure we get the correct measurements and meet all your requirements.

Our goal is to collaborate with you throughout your entire project, both in our robotic welding process and any of our other capabilities.

Let PBZ Handle Your Robotic Welding and Other Manufacturing Processes

With our one-stop approach, you can rely on PBZ Manufacturing to improve your supply chain efficiency by reducing the layers. We can handle everything for you, including engineering, manufacturing, finishing, assembling and shipping. Robotic welding falls under our area of experience, making us an ideal partner when you need it.

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