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PBZ is the one-stop shop for architectural metal fabrication in Pennsylvania, offering an extensive range of service capabilities. By working with a single, reliable provider throughout the manufacturing process, you’re able to ensure quality control and that your project moves forward on time and within budget. Whether you’re a commercial contractor, retailer or municipality, our experienced team will help you control costs and deliver a product that matches your expectations.

Architectural Metal Fabrication in Pennsylvania

When you need a partner for architectural metal fabrication with the experience and capabilities to get the job done right, PBZ has you covered. We’ve worked with companies, organizations, end users and other manufacturers throughout the region on projects of different sizes and scopes. From hotels, residential development and office complexes to restaurants, government facilities and entertainment venues, we’re fully equipped to meet your architectural manufacturing requirements.

Examples of our work include:

  • Metal Stairs: As full-service prefabricated stairs manufacturers, we’re able to provide a variety of options in steel-welded and steel-bolted metal stairs configured to your specifications. We also offer industrial and commercial egress, equipment access, secondary access and OSHA-compliant construction site stairs.
  • Metal signage: PBZ offers metal signage manufacturing to businesses throughout the region. We’re able to work off your plans or help you develop a metal sign for your business, development, event or virtually any other application.
  • Pedestrian bridges: We’re pedestrian bridge manufacturers offering a broad range of standard and custom designs. You provide the design, we’ll take your project to completion, including trail bridges, utility bridges, marine bridges and many other applications.
  • Other architectural manufacturing projects: From guardhouses and maintenance enclosures to decorative gates and bike storage system, we’re ready for the job. We call on our resourceful manufacturing approach and technical capabilities to deliver solutions that solve your problems efficiently.

PBZ Manufacturing recently had the pleasure of working on the steel fabrication of the Kean University Skyland Campus tree canopy walk. Below is a video detailing that structure:

Our Metal Fabrication Capabilities

As a single source of architectural manufacturing, PBZ has the tools and technologies to complete metal fabrication projects efficiently and affordably. We eliminate extra layers of the manufacturing process that come with working with multiple providers, and we help to keep tight controls on quality and everyone involved in communication. We’ll work off your plans, blueprints and designs and utilize 3D CAD drawing in Solidworks for precision modeling, testing and fabrication.

Additional architectural metal fabrication equipment and services include:

End-to-End Architectural Metal Fabricators in Pennsylvania

We provide value to our customers by offering the ability to handle every aspect of the architectural manufacturing process from design and engineering through shipping and logistics. Whether you’re searching for steel stairs manufacturers, a reliable metal signage company, or pedestrian bridge manufacturers, the support you need is just a click away.

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