Students Weld Grills in PBZ Program

students weld grills at PBZ LLC
Pictured: Brandon Alwine, Logan Snyder, Caran Sensenig, Michael Cassel, Ryan Nolt, Andrew Cassel, Joel Groff, PaulB Hardware Sales and Marketing Manager Phil Groff, and PBZ Operations Manager Chad Hackman.


PBZ Manufacturing and Ephrata Mennonite School recently teamed up to offer a weeklong vocational program that enabled several Mini Term students to learn welding at PBZ LLC, 295 Wood Corner Road, Lititz.

students learn welding at metal fabricating company
Designed by Ephrata Mennonite students, this grill was created in a yearly program hosted by PBZ LLC.

This winter, seven students welded their own grills using parts, equipment and blueprints provided by PBZ staff. All materials were donated by PBZ.

At the end of the week, students, school board member Phil Groff, also sales and marketing manager at PaulB Hardware, and PBZ Operations Manager Chad Hackman, gathered at the metal fabricating facility to celebrate their project success.

They grilled chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs outside.

Each student is allowed to keep his grill. This is the third year for the program.