Logistics: Your Freight Gets a Private Ride

Metal fabricator logistics fleet

When your own guys deliver your products, you know they’ll get your handiwork to customers intact – no damage, no disappointment. The name on your products is the name on their uniforms.

That’s why PBZ manufacturing has an edge over other metal fabricators who have outsourced their carrier operations.

PBZ Logistics serves PBZ LLC, as well as other businesses in the Paul B. Zimmerman Inc. family of companies. The corporate logistics cuts down on delivery costs and ensures that products coming from its entities are handled with care.

And there’s a bonus beyond safe delivery…

Customer Relations

PBZ Logistic drivers build a rapport with their customers, serving in a customer service role.

“They almost serve as PR people,” said Chad Hackman, operations manager at PBZ LLC. “It’s nice for a face from the company to see the reaction from the customers and report back to us on it. If there are any complaints, they can bring it right back to us. They can bring back compliments, or bring back complaints so that corrections can be made right away.”

No third party is involved to muddy the waters.

Delivery Personnel

Logistics are handled through Roy Eberly, who says customers appreciate knowing their products are going to arrive undamaged. “We had a couple customers in New York that have a product that can get damaged easily,” he said. “We make sure that doesn’t happen.” His department handles about 15 trailer loads per week, and 10 routes each week for the smaller box trucks. A flatbed truck is used to deliver helicopter dollies.

PBZ logistics takes care of inbound shipments as well.

Mark Zimmerman, president of the Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. board and also a part-time driver/sales rep for PBZ, said it was instilled in the delivery personnel decades ago: “You’re the face of the business. Sometimes you’re the only face of the business that the customer will see. Our customers associate the business with that truck driver.”

Using a common carrier or other shipping method might mean that product will be handled by several people once it leaves the job shop. That’s not the case with PBZ.

Handled With Care

“Coordinating delivery is so much easier for us when we do the whole project. Our customer tells us when they want it and we make it happen,” Hackman added.

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