Meet some of the metal fabricators at PBZ

As a metal manufacturing company reaching out to new customers and faithful customers, we often emphasize our capabilities and equipment.

Today, we emphasize a few of our best assets: Three employees of PBZ LLC, skilled in different facets of metal fabricating.

Meet Joel, Travis and Pavel:

metal fabricator in Lancaster County
Joel Stoner

Joel Stoner, 36, has been with PBZ for more than a decade, and started as a welder/fabricator. Today, he’s shop foreman.

Joel did some welding while working for a wholesale feed company in Ephrata, PA, before starting at PBZ. There, he fixed machines, trucks, and cracks in the feed tanker. When he first started at PBZ, he learned through hands-on experience. He soon mastered TIG welding, reading blueprints, and learning to weld different materials, like aluminum and stainless steel.

I want people to think of PBZ when they need work from design to completion, whether powder coating or delivery.

He learned to operate the flat laser, went into production engineering (programming the flat and 3D lasers), and eventually became shop foreman. The best attribute a welder can have?

“Being willing to learn,” he said.

“My goal right now is to continue to improve the flow of work through the shop to have us maintain our one-stop job-shop status. I want people to think of PBZ when they need work from design to completion, whether powder coating or delivery,” Joel said.

metal fabricator in Lancaster County Pennsylvania,  3D laser
Travis Martin, metal fabricator – 3D laser operator

Travis Martin, 24, runs the 3D laser at PBZ, making parts out of square tubing or pipe. While working as a materials handler with the company a few years ago, Travis learned to run the 3D laser in his down time.

What he enjoys most about being a metal fabricator is that it’s never the same from day to day. “My job entails anything and everything, 1-inch or 10-inch pipe, different computer programs, different parts – sprayer parts, patented parts, parts to products I don’t even know what they end up being.”

The machinery Travis monitors is extremely expensive and he has to make sure parts go through successfully, without harm to the laser. A tip alone can cost about $4,000 to replace, but he keeps a careful watch (and keeps a damaged tip on his desk as a reminder to remain vigilant).

There’s lots of math involved as well. “That’s why this is here,” Travis said, pointing to a trusted calculator.

MIG welder, TIG welder, custom welding
Pavel Busey, metal fabricator – MIG, TIG, custom welding

Pavel Busey, 46, started at PBZ 16 years ago as a parts manufacturer, and then began learning to weld farm equipment. He specializes in MIG, custom jobs, aluminum welding, and TIG welding.

He moved to the United States as a refugee, from the Ukraine. A friend from his church worked at PBZ and encouraged Pavel to join him as a metal fabricator.

He learned on the job, mentored by experienced welders, and now “I always help as much as I can,” he said.

“I am showing to our new guys all of my skills.”