Logistics: Your Freight Gets a Private Ride

Metal fabricator logistics fleet

When your own guys deliver your products, you know they’ll get your handiwork to customers intact – no damage, no disappointment. The name on your products is the name on their uniforms.

That’s why PBZ manufacturing has an edge over other metal fabricators who have outsourced their carrier operations.

PBZ Logistics serves PBZ LLC, as well as other businesses in the Paul B. Zimmerman Inc. family of companies. The corporate logistics cuts down on delivery costs and ensures that products coming from its entities are handled with care.

And there’s a bonus beyond safe delivery… continue

Metal Recycling: One Man’s Trash …

Steel scraps wait outside PBZ manufacturing in Lititz, Pennsylvania, for pick up by Sahd Metal Recycling in Columbia.

After the custom stairways, helicopter dollies, agricultural sprayers and other metal fabrications are created, PBZ takes one more step to turn steel and aluminum into something useful.

Through its partnership with Sahd Metal Recycling of Columbia, Pennsylvania, PBZ recycles its scrap metal left after the job shop’s projects and OEMs are fulfilled.

“The reason we chose them is because of the integrity of their business and the transparency of the people we deal with,” said PBZ operations manager Chad Hackman.

Outside PBZ, three bins keep metals segregated: steel, stainless steel and aluminum. When the containers are full, Hackman emails Sahd Metal Recycling for pickup. Sahd hauls it, scales it and sorts the load.

“We’ve had stainless and steel scraps stick together and they let us know,” Hackman said. continue