Helicopter dolly makes moving copters easy

helicopter dolly that moves helicopters from landing to hangar
Helicopter Handlers™ make moving a helicopter an easy task, and PBZ helps manufacture them.

Remember when you first learned to drive?

Pulling into the garage for the first time was a daunting task. You had to get the car just-so and not hit any bikes, tools, or lawn equipment.

Imagine having to park a helicopter into its “garage.”

Thankfully, Helicopter Handlers™ makes that task an easy one, and PBZ helps manufacture them.

Helicopter Handlers are landing trailers for skid-equipped helicopters. (See video below)

Most skid-equipped helicopters require two to four persons – depending on the size – to install ground-handling wheels enabling the helicopter to be moved in and out of the hangar. The Helicopter Handler helicopter dolly turns the ground handling into a one-person job.

The pilot lands on the Helicopter Handler and, after shutdown, attaches a small tug or garden tractor to the Handler. Then the helicopter is moved into the hangar.

When the pilot’s ready to depart, the Handler and helicopter are towed to the ramp for departure. In most instances, the helicopter dolly remains on the ramp until the helicopter returns.

Jacques C. Guequierre formed Main Line Helicopter Corporation as an air taxi service company. The veteran helicopter pilot saw the need for a device that would allow one person to move a skid-equipped helicopter, and he began building Helicopter Handler Helicopter Trailers in 1967.