Partners in PBZ Parts: Metal Finishing

Solid partnerships with local companies enable PBZ to offer its customers end finishing capabilities – such as powder coating, zinc-plating, and metal polishing – without the customer having to worry about parceling out the work.

It’s all streamlined, with the final product delivered from one job shop.

powder coated parts
Keystone Koating provides powder coating to manufacturers in PA, MD, NJ, NY and DE.

Powder Coating

PBZ works hand in hand with Keystone Koating, the powder coating facility located next door. The AAMA 2604-certified shop’s innovative powder coating process includes an attribute many other facilities don’t have: a quality assurance lab, with a salt fog cabinet and four-step testing program. Learn more here.

The powder coating standard at Keystone Koating includes: surface examination, pretreatment, various levels of coating, cure & quality testing, defect & blemish detection, blasting, masking, primer and shipping.

Powder coating is a dry, environmentally friendly metal finishing treatment that serves a protective and decorative role.

zinc coated metal
Zinc plating by K&L Plating Company, Inc., in Lancaster.


PBZ has manufactured parts that go to a zinc plating firm each month. Much of its zinc-plating is done by K&L Plating Company, Inc. in Lancaster, PA. Established in 1955, K&L Plating has been providing metal plating services for more than 40 years.

Zinc coating prevents corrosion.

Zinc coating is a common metal surface finishing used in consumer, industrial and commercial products.

zinc plating
Tubing with a mirror finish.


When PBZ customers specify a certain finish they’d like to a stainless steel part, PBZ works with Accent Metals, Inc. of York to get the level of finish desired.

Most commonly, PBZ metal parts are polished to have a mirror finish or satin finish.

Metal polishing smooths out small imperfections in the metal’s surface and improve its appearance.

Metal Fabricator Captures Spirit of Entrepreneur

PaulB car - old photo
Paul B. Zimmerman, 17, stands beside his 1934 Ford DeLuxe Fordor with V-8 engine.

Paul B. Zimmerman was known in Lancaster County as a mechanically minded problem-solver whose ingenuity – and honesty – gained him the title as the go-to guy for parts and repairs in the agricultural community. Neighbors quickly learned they could take a parts dilemma or equipment problem to Paul B and he’d welcome the opportunity to resolve it.

In 1947, he founded what was to become PaulB Hardware, in a 40′ X 60′ shop at the intersection of Word Corner Road and Burkholder Drive in Lititz, PA.

Job Shop Solutions Today

Today, that hardware store is now 35,000 square feet. And, as the Zimmerman family grew, that entrepreneurial spirit increased exponentially. Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. now encompasses the hardware store, PaulB Wholesale, Keystone Koating and PBZ, each of which employs Zimmerman family members, and others, who help in research and development.

Perhaps where that is most evident is at the metal fabricator, PBZ, where the CropCare brand of agricultural equipment is developed.

“The spirit of Paul B’s creativeness and inventiveness is captured by the engineers at CropCare, especially,” said operations manager Chad Hackman. “CropCare’s engineers take ingenuity and turn it into a solid product.” continue

PBZ Offers Advanced Technology in Manufacturing

VCU500 Mazak advanced metal fabrication equipment

Operations Manager Chad Hackman programs the VCU 500C, part of the state-of-the-art equipment lineup that enables PBZ LLC to offer streamlined manufacturing excellence.




When PBZ LLC added a Mazak Quick Turn Smart 200 and VCU 500C to its metal fabrication equipment lineup, operations manager Chad Hackman knew PBZ positioned itself as a steel-fabricating manufacturer able to fulfill the increasing needs of customers seeking streamlined services.

Before investing in these two multi-tasking, technologically advanced parts processors, PBZ fulfilled a lot of its OEM requests – including parts for the CropCare Equipment line of agricultural sprayers, Zimmerman Cattle Control, and Kickout Flashing – through subcontractors.

“We could offer 2D and 3D laser cutting forming and welding,” Hackman says, but their capabilities in-house ended there. “What we found out is, our customers are looking for a one-stop shop,” Hackman adds.

“Now, we can add the machined part, enabling us to showcase and offer the streamlined process of a turnkey operation.”