Structural 3D Laser Cutting

Structural 3D Laser

PBZ Manufacturing's programmable 3D structural lasers, also known as tube cutting lasers, are ready for your project. They give you...

  • Accuracy within .005" on most products.
  • Consistency from the first cut to the 100th.

Other benefits of allowing PBZ Manufacturing to work on your project...

  • Many structural lasers are limited to 5.5" round or square. We can go up to 10" round, or 8" square. We can handle stock up to 26´ in length.
  • We offer unique metal cutting capabilities, such as tabbing and slotting.
  • Our lasers can cut thickness up to ¾" mild steel.
  • You have the convenience of knowing that our lasers are ready to re-run any project we've already programmed and produced for you.
  • Many laser heads move along 2 axis (perpendicular and vertical.) However, our 6-axis rotary head laser can also move longitudinal, and we can rotate the head 360°, thus varying the angle of approach. This can be used for chamfering (beveling), countersinking, and other specialized precision metal cutting.

Laser cutting with PBZ Manufacturing is far more accurate, efficient, takes less labor, and provides better lead time than other methods, such as band saws or torching.

Contact us for a quote today. You'll hear back from us within 6 business hours, either with your quote, or with a time frame for receiving your quote.