Aluminum vs. Steel Patio Furniture

Metal is the most durable material for crafting outdoor furniture, and steel and aluminum are two of the metals used most often. In this article, we’ll cover features such as the weight, durability and corrosion resistance of aluminum versus steel to outline how each one fares as outdoor furniture.

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How to weld aluminum

How to Weld Aluminum

Welding aluminum comes with a unique set of challenges you do not experience when welding other metals like sheet metal or stainless steel. However, there are many methods you can use to get your project done, and if you follow the appropriate steps, you will be able to weld aluminum cleanly and easily.

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Types of Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum is a popular manufacturing material for its versatility. With numerous types of aluminum alloys available today, opportunities for production are nearly endless once you know which configurations are appropriate for your industry.

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